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The SPA FROG® In-line System

The SPA FROG® In-line System is an automatic mineral and bromine spa care system that aims to cut down the bromine by 50%, make daily maintenance easier  and get your water feeling softer with a crystal clear shine.

SPA FROG® uses minerals to destroy bacteria along with reduced levels of bromine so automatic spa care is at your fingertips. Replace the pre-filled cartridges when needed with ease. The Conditioning Cartridge lasts 4 full months, simply replace it when you drain and refill your spa. The Bromine Cartridge lasts 3-6 weeks depending on use and spa size.

Spa Time                                              

We stock a full range of water treatment products at competitive prices, offering you everything you could possibly need to have your spa or swimspa water looking and feeling perfect.

We have everything from starter packs for customers starting up their pool or spa to a varied range of day to day products for customers continuing to use their spa. We can cater to your needs whether you have a spa, swimspa, pool or sauna. We can offer expert advice on exactly what you need and how to stay safe using your spa/swimspa/pool.


We also stock a wide range of spa safe aromatherapy products.

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